2019 Bitcoin Games from BTC Media, LLC: Official Rules

Name: The 2019 Bitcoin Games (the “Competition” or “Hackathon”)
Website: http://bitcoingames2019.Devpost.com (the “Competition Website”)

BTC MEDIA, LLC, 150 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201 USA, (“Bitcoin Games” or “Host”) is the entity responsible for the Competition and facilitating all activities related to the Hackathon.

There is no charge to enter this Competition. No solicitations, monetary or otherwise, of any kind in an attempt to increase your chances of winning will be considered, and may be grounds for immediate disqualification.

Upon submission of your project, you agree that you will make any and all content submitted available to the Sponsor and Judges throughout the duration of the contest, from the time of submission to prize announcement and fulfillment.  


Submission Period: Now – June 9th, 2019 (11:45:00pm Central Time, USA) (event “Submission Period”)

Judging Period: June 10th, 2019 – June 18th, 2019

Winners Contacted: On or around June 18th, 2019

In order to present your project on stage at Bitcoin 2019, prospective winners of technical Hacks (defined below) will also need to submit a presentation by June 22nd, 2019. See Verification Requirements below for more details.

Winners Announced: June 25th or 26th at the Bitcoin 2019 conference (details to follow)

Note: Bitcoin Games reserves the right to change or lengthen the deadlines or overall timeline as if necessary

  • A submission is eligible for a prize if and only if it meets the below defined submission requirements and is entered on the Competition Website before the end of the submission period.
  • Winners will be contacted prior to Bitcoin 2019 and will have the opportunity to present their projects in person or virtually at the event.
  • If a winner is unable to present at Bitcoin 2019, then a Bitcoin Games affiliate or sponsor will showcase the project on his/her behalf based on the PowerPoint submitted with the verification documents submitted, assuming all other forms are returned and the Submission meets all other requirements.
  • All eligible individuals who submit a project that meets the submission requirements will receive free entry to the Bitcoin 2019 conference.
  • First prize winners of each category will also be awarded a travel reimbursement of up to $1,500 per team for travel to the Bitcoin 2019 conference.
  • Host and Judge(s) have full discretion to select fewer than the expected number of Winners, depending on whether an insufficient number of the Submissions entered into the Competition meet the evaluation standards.


Contestant represents and warrants to the Host:  
  • That the Contestant is of or above the age of majority in his/her state or country of residence at the time of entry and if under the age of majority will provide or has provided by published deadline of contest the permission signature of parent or guardian;
  • All individual Contestants that jointly compose a Submission, collectively a “Team”, must be meet the age of majority requirement above, as well as all other requirements outlined in the Bitcoin Games Official Rules;
  • Should a Team of eligible individuals enter on behalf of an Organization, said Contestant and the Organization with which Contestant is associated, affiliated or employed by and submitting on behalf of have read and agree to the Competition’s Official Rules;
  • If any Contestant or individual member(s) of a Team or Organization is an employee of a corporation, government agency, academic institution, or other formally defined entity, you are responsible for ensuring that your participation in the Competition complies with any policies your corporation, agency or institution may have regarding participation in contests of this type. Host, Judges, or any Bitcoin Games affiliate is not responsible for any disputes arising between you and your employer;
  • You are not a resident of or organization or domiciled in any country, state, providence, or territory where the laws of the United States of local laws prohibit participation in the Competition or the receiving of a prize in the Competition (including, but not limited to, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and any other country designated by the United States Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control);
  • You are not a Judge (defined below) of the Competition;
  • Contestant is NOT under any legal or contractual obligation that would present a conflicting interest or prohibit participation in this Competition as described in these Official Rules;
  • In participating in and submitting a Project in this Competition, Contestant is not in violation of any applicable law or agreement. Such violation would render Contestant ineligible.

An individual Contestant meeting the above criteria may join more than one Team. Individual as well as Team submissions are accepted for each Hack category so long as each individual  composing a Team meets all requirements set forth in the Official Rules. Each Team must appoint one individual (the “Representative”) to enter a Submission on the Team’s behalf. The Representative, as well as each member of the Team, must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in this document. By entering a Submission you represent and warrant that you are the Representative authorized to act on behalf of your Team or Organization. Anywhere subsequently mentioned in this document, the term “Contestant” refers to any Individual, Team or Organization that meets the defined Eligibility Requirements and Specifications above and the respective individual members or participants comprising each.

NOTE: Each Contestant must be considered an “Eligible Individual” as defined by the age of majority in each particular country of residence for each participating member comprising an Individual, Team or Organization Contestant.



The “Contestant” must do the following to participate in and be considered in the judging process of the Bitcoin Games:

  • Register for the Competition on the Devpost website using an existing Devpost account, or by signing up to create a new account (there is no charge to create a new account). Be sure to look for updates and announcements shared throughout the event in the “Updates” tab;
  • Agree to the Official Rules, Terms & Conditions upon submission;
  • Create and publish a project that meets the defined criteria, as well as the following defined criteria for one of the defined hack categories, or “Hacks." “Hacks” refers to, collectively, the Growth Hack, the Lightning Hack and the Liquid Hack categories as outlined on the main page of the Competition Website;
  • Correctly fill out each required form field and attach all required content when submitting your project during the Submission Period;
  • Include the Project's name and, where applicable, a short *overview of the Project and its function and features;
  • *Include appropriate documentation of any technical resources or components used to create your Project, where applicable (see "Project Requirements" below);
  • Specify whether the Contestant is an Individual, Team or Organization. If the Contestant is a Team, specify the email addresses of each Team member who worked on the Submission.

(i) Specific Requirements for Hack Categories

Submit the following for the Growth Hack:
  • Access to the commercial you created by providing a link to open and view your video submission. All videos should be shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International . See “Video Requirements” below for more details;
  • One paragraph abstract (approximately 150 words) detailing the purpose and intent of the video (this will be read on stage if selected as a Winner);
  • Documentation: References, information/data sources, citations, etc.;
  • Complete and enter all of the required form fields on the “Enter a Submission” page of the Competition Website (each a “Submission”) during the Submission Period, and follow the additional requirements below.
Submit the following for the Lightning and Liquid Hacks:
  • Access to your project’s GitHub repository or other codebase for judging through provision of a link. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your project must be your own work and must be made publically available at the time of entry through an open-source codebase (i.e. GitHub). Participants are required and herewith agree at the time of submission to obtain and register a valid Attribution Agreement for their Submission(s) via Creative Commons at (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
  • Access to the demo video you created by providing a link to open and view your video submission.Create and submit a video that clearly demonstrates your project. This video should be roughly two (2) minutes in length and no longer than eight (8) minutes. The demo video should include operational footage of your project in action, showcasing or highlighting any features and functionality.
  • Include any instructions required to operate, utilize or interact with your project. You should also highlight your project’s intended audience, use case and the solution or value it provides. Please ensure that the submitted URL effectively opens and contains the above cited criteria.

Failure to meet any of the defined criteria may result in disqualification. Unless otherwise stated, the defined requirements apply to each Hack that a Contestant may submit a project to.

(ii) Submission Content Requirements

  • English translations must be made available for any submitted content (audio or text) that is not in English;
  • Any software programming language may be used for technical hacks;
  • Content by Contestant must be suitable for presentation in a public forum.

Upon entering this Competition, Contestant hereby represents and warrants to Host:

(a) the Contestant has the full right, power and authority to enter into this Competition and to grant the rights herein granted;

(b) any material submitted by the Contestant in its Submission for use and evaluation in this Competition, for external circulation and publicity, or in connection with the Competition in any way do not and will not contain anything that is libelous, that infringes or violates any copyright, trademark, right of privacy, intellectual property right or other right of any kind of any person or entity or the publication of which will otherwise give rise to legal cause of action, or that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred, or harm against any group or individual;

(c) any material submitted by the Contestant in its Submission complies with the provisions of any applicable law, regulation or code of practice, including all applicable data protection and privacy laws, regulations and codes of practice;

(d) no material that the Contestant and/or any contributing member of a Team or Organization has submitted is false or materially misleading;

(e) content will not be prejudicial to the image or reputation of Host, and will not contain anything that Host in good faith considers to be offensive or otherwise inappropriate;

(f) all materials submitted will be free of any viruses, adware, malware, bit torrents, and will not cause an adverse effect on the operation of the hardware, Competition Site or Bitcoin Games official website;

(g) where the Contestant is an Organization, the Contestant represents and warrants that it is authorized to create and arrange the Submission materials with Host and the Contestant and any organization with which any individual member of a Team or Organization are affiliated, associated or employed by will indemnify and hold Host harmless against any claim made by such organization against Host;

(h) If Submission Content includes the use of open-source software or hardware, Contestant complies with applicable open-source licenses and, as part of the Submission, creates software that enhances and builds upon the features and functionality included in the underlying open-source product;

(i) Submission Content contains no third-party content not owned or licensed to the Contestant that is not in the public domain;

(j) A Contestant may contract with a third party for technical assistance to create the Submission provided the Submission components are solely the Contestant’s work product and the result of the Contestant’s ideas and creativity, and the Contestant owns all rights to them.

All aspects of the Contestant Content must be solely owned by or licensed to the Contestant or in the public domain. Contestants agree to license their work product under Creative Commons NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Information regarding the terms of this Creative Commons license is available at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/. Sponsor or Host may request written proof of ownership of or adequate license to Contestant of any Contestant Content. Failure to timely provide adequate proof of ownership or sufficient license rights in any content included in the Contestant Content (as determined by Host in its sole discretion) may result in the Contestant being disqualified and related Submission deemed void.

(iii) Project Requirements
  • Licensing & Creation: All code and other creative works presented to the judges must be created at the Hackathon unless it is publicly available under a Creative Commons or other comparable open-source license. This means that you can brainstorm app ideas and sketch wireframes ahead of time but all the actual code for your project must be written during the Competition. All projects created should be open source and permissively lisenced under the Creative Commons 4.0;
  • Reliable Functionality: The Project must work as shown in the video and/or explained in any other materials submitted in connection with the Competition;
  • Examination: The Contestant must make the Project freely available for testing, evaluation and use by the Host and Judges (defined below), both during the Competition and until the last day of the Winner Announcement or Prize Fulfillment, where applicable;
  • Multiple Submissions: A Contestant is permitted to enter more than one Submission so long as each Submission is unique and does contain any work created in any other Submission of this Competition that Contestant contributed to and is substantially different, as determined by the Judges and Host.
Projects may integrate third-party SDKs, APIs and services, provided the Contestant is authorized to use them, but should provide appropriate documentation for project submissions, where applicable:
  • The development tools used to build the project;
  • SDKs used in the project;
  • APIs used in the project;
  • Any assets used in the project;
  • Any libraries used in the project;
  • Any components not created at the hackathon.

(v) Video Content Specifications

Growth Hack - The video

  1. Must be between 30 and 60 seconds in length;
  2. Must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and a link to the video must be provided on the submission form on the Competition Website;
  3. Must not include third-party trademarks or copyrighted material unless the Contestant is otherwise authorized;
  4. Must not infringe on or violate any copyright, trademark, right of privacy or other right of any kind of any person or entity, including featuring names and images of people without their permission, or will otherwise give rise to legal cause of action;
  5. In the event that a minor appears in the video, the minor should be the legal child of Contestant. If Contestant is not the parent or legal guardian of the child appearing in the video, Contestant must obtain written consent from the parent/legal guardian to publicly feature the child in the video;
  6. In the event that a Contestant’s Submission content depicts, identifies or includes any person that is not the Contestant itself, the Contestant must have all permissions and rights from the individual depicted, identified or included (and, if such individual is a minor, his/her parent or legal guardian) and agrees to provide Host with written confirmation of those permissions and rights upon request.
Technical Hacks (Lightning and Liquid) - The video
  1. Must be a minimum of two (2) minutes and no more than eight (8) minutes in length;
  2. Must include footage that clearly explains the Project’s features and functionality through a comprehensive demonstration;
  3. Must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and a link to the video must be provided on the submission form on the Competition Website; and
  4. Must not infringe on or violate any copyright, trademark, right of privacy or other right of any kind of any person or entity, including featuring names and images of people without their permission, or will otherwise give rise to legal cause of action.
Additional Video Requirements

The video portion of the Submission content should be included with the Contestant’s Devpost Submission in the form of a URL and may be uploaded to either a YouTube or Vimeo account. If this video is password protected, please be sure to include the password in submission.

Youtube Guidelines: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/4603579?hl=en

Vimeo Guidelines: https://vimeo.com/help/guidelines



Prior to the end of the Contest Period, you may save draft versions of your Submission on Devpost to your portfolio prior to submitting all required Submission content and Contestant information for evaluation. Once the Competition Period has ended, no changes or alterations to your Submission will be allowed, unless explicitly stated/communicated by the Host. Contestant reserves the right to update the project in its Devpost portfolio after the Competition has ended.



Contestant Rights: Creative Commons License: By entering the Hackathon, you agree to make your project available to the public at the time of entry under through an open GitHub (or other codebase) repository shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Subject to the licenses described below, any applicable intellectual property rights to a Submission will remain with the   Contestant.

Host Rights: By entering the Competition, you grant to the host, and any other third parties acting on the host’s behalf, a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide perpetual license to reproduce, encode, store, copy, transmit, publish, post, broadcast, display, publicly perform, adapt, exhibit and use for promotional purposes the Submission, in perpetuity (in accordance with the Creative Commons license). This license includes, but is not limited to, posting or linking to the Submission on host’s and partners’ websites and applications, including the Competition Website, and display and promotion of the Submission in any other media, worldwide.



Judges: Eligible Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges selected by the host (the “Judges”). Judges may be employees of the Host or external. Judges may change prior to or during the Judging Period, and may or may not be listed individually on the Competition Website. Judging may take place in one or more rounds with one or more panels of Judges, at the discretion of the host. Judging for each Hack will take place independently of one another.

Criteria: The Judges will score eligible submissions using the following criteria (“Judging Criteria”):

(i) Applicability & Impact

Including the clarity and relevance of the use case, the opportunity/problem addressed and the project’s potential. Does the project make bitcoin more user friendly and approachable? Can the project make bitcoin go viral or much easier to use?

(ii) Quality of the Idea

Including originality and creativity of the idea. How unique is the project? Did you think outside of the box?

(iii) Product & Polish

Including user experience, design, implementation and performance as expected. Does it provide a good experience to the user? How does UX feel or the UI look?

(iv) Technical Design & Implementation (technical hacks only)

Including architecture of the solution, functional robustness, stability of the implementation and overall execution. Did the team create a functional product? How functional is the product?

(v) Quality of the Submission Package

Including quality of the video (demo or commercial), PowerPoint or any other materials submitted to Devpost.

The Judging Criteria above may not apply to every prize. The Judges selected for each track may choose to assign weights to the above criteria at their discretion. Contestant(s) whose Submission is eligible for a Prize and earns the highest overall score based on applicable Judging Criteria will become potential Winners of that Prize.

Submission Review

Judges may elect to judge solely based upon the submitted content and the overall score in each category of the above defined criteria in the Submission and may score prospective Winners without physical testing of the submitted codebase.

Tie Breaker

For each Prize associated with a Hack category, the panel of Judges selected for that Hack will hold a vote to determine the prospective Winner of said category.



Verification Requirement: Host reserves the right to contact Contestants for verification purposes and administration of the Competition. Host or its designee will attempt to notify the potential winners on or around June 18, 2019 by email or other means (as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion). The award of a Prize to a potential Winner is subject to verification of each member’s identity, role in relation to the created Submission and qualification as it relates to eligibility and compliance with each term and condition stipulated in the Competition’s Official Rules. No Submission or Contestant shall be deemed a Winner until their post-competition prize affidavits have been completed and verified, even if prospective Winners have been announced verbally or on the Competition Website. The final decision to designate a winner shall be made by the host.

Required Forms: Potential winners will be notified using the email address associated with the Devpost account used to enter the Submission (the submitter is the “Representative” in the case of a Team or Organization). In order to receive a Prize, the potential winner (including all members of a Team or Organization) will be required to sign and return to the host, affidavit(s) of eligibility (or a similar verification document) and liability/publicity release(s) and any applicable tax forms (“Required Forms”) to bitcoingames@btcmedia.org.

Notification: Potential winners notified will also be asked to submit a presentation by June 22nd, 2019 showcasing their Project to be used on stage at the Bitcoin 2019 conference. The presentation should be a PowerPoint, Prezi or PDF presentation between five (5) and ten (10) minutes in duration that clearly explains and/or shows, but not limited to, the following (NOTE: This will be part of the presentation material used on stage if selected as a Winner):

  • The problem statement (the need or problem the Project addresses);
  • The end user or audience the Project was intended or created for and how they are affected by the state problem;
  • The solution, including what the Project does, how it is designed and what exactly it solves for;
  • The Project’s uniqueness when compared with any similar or existing solutions addressing the stated problem;
  • Any features the Contestant wishes to demo and/or highlight;
  • (Optional) How the Project will contribute to the adoption of Bitcoin and/or the respective infrastructure of the Hack the Contestant is submitting to.

DEADLINE for returning Required Forms: eight (8) business days after the Required Forms are sent.

Disqualification: The host may disqualify a prospective Winner if:

  • The Representative or participating Team members of the potential Winner do not return the Required Forms signed by the deadline;
  • the Submission or the potential winner, or any member of a potential winner’s Team or Organization, is disqualified for any reason stated in the Official Rules;
  • The email notification was deemed undeliverable or the Prize itself was unable to be delivered;
  • The Submission, Contestant or any participating members of Contestant’s Team is disqualified for any other reason;
  • Conflict of interest**

**Projects having received financial or other incentives from any entity involved in the hosting of or supplying the Prizes or this Competition prior to the conclusion of this event may be disqualified at the discretion of the Host. The Host, at its sole discretion, may disqualify a Submission, if it is determined that a substantial conflict of interest exists.  

In the event of a disqualification, the host may award the applicable Prize to an alternate potential winner.



Substitutions & Changes: Prize awards are final and uncontestable. Host reserves the right not to award a prize in the event of an insufficient number of eligible entries meeting the minimum judging criteria as determined in the Host’s sole discretion. Host is not responsible for any dispute among teams or team Participants related to prizes. Contestant is solely responsible for any applicable taxes for any prize. Host has the right to make a Prize substitution of equivalent or greater value. Additional Prizes may be added at any time.

Prize Delivery: Prize winners’ payments are paid in bitcoin through Bitwage. Exchange rate. Winners without existing Bitwage accounts will be invited to join Bitwage and complete their payment paperwork on Bitwage by the Publishers’ specified deadline.

Payments will be distributed to the Bitcoin wallets of the winning Contestant(s) via Bitwage within two (2) weeks of Competition’s Winner Announcement. If the Contestant is an Organization, it will be the responsibility of the winning Contestant’s Representative to allocate the Prize among their Team or Organization’s participating members, as the Representative deems appropriate. Otherwise, the Prize will be distributed to the individual members of a Team. If this form of payment is unacceptable in the country of residence of any winning Contestant, be it individual members of Team or members of an Organization, an alternative method of payment will be provided. In this case, all other conditions defined still apply. The Sponsor is not responsible for any dispute among Teams or Team participants related to prizes. Failure to provide correct information on the Required Forms, or other correct information required for the delivery of a Prize, may result in delayed Prize delivery, disqualification of the Contestant or forfeiture of a Prize.

  1. Prize Delivery Timeframe: Within thirty (30) days of the host’s receipt of the Required Forms.
  2. Fees & Taxes: Winners (and in the case of Team or Organization, all participating members) are responsible for any fees associated with receiving or using a prize, including but not limited to, wiring fees or Bitwage transaction fees. Winners (and in the case of Team or Organization, all participating members) are responsible for reporting and paying all applicable taxes in their jurisdiction of residence (federal, state/provincial/territorial and local). Winners may be required to provide certain information to facilitate receipt of the award, including completing and submitting any tax or other forms necessary for compliance with applicable withholding and reporting requirements. United States residents may be required to provide a completed form W-9 and residents of other countries may be required to provide a completed W-8BEN form. Winners are also responsible for complying with foreign exchange and banking regulations in their respective jurisdictions and reporting the receipt of the Prize to relevant government departments/agencies, if necessary. The host and/or Prize provider reserve the right to withhold a portion of the prize amount to comply with the tax laws of the United States or other host jurisdiction, or those of a winner’s jurisdiction.


By participating in the Competition, Contestant agrees that no further permission is needed by the Host or third parties acting on their behalf to publicly share their entry associated with their name and other data collected as part of the submission process. Such data includes, but is not limited to, submission components, name, likeness, photograph, voice, opinions, hometown, and country of residence.

Contestants represent and warrant that the Host and Competition partners are free to use Contestant’s Submission in the manner described above, as provided or as modified by these entities, without obtaining permission or license from any third party and without any compensation to Contestants.



By entering the Hackathon, you (and, if you are entering on behalf of a Team or Organization each participating members) agree(s) to the following:

  • Prize awards are final and uncontestable. The Host reserves the right not to award a prize in the event of an insufficient number of eligible entries meeting the minimum judging criteria as determined at the Host’s sole discretion. The Host is not responsible for any dispute among teams or team Participants related to prizes. Participant is solely responsible for any applicable taxes for any prize.
  • You will be bound by and comply with these Official Rules and the decisions of the Host and/or the Competition Judges which are binding and final in all matters relating to the Competition.
  • Contestant shall indemnify and hold the Host and its officers, directors, employees, successors and assigns harmless against any claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ and other professionals’ fees) incurred by the Host in connection with, arising out of, or relating in any way to the Competition and/or this Agreement.